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Covid-19 update Wednesday 8th April

Good morning from the UK. For those people whose days blur into one another, today is a Wednesday. For any fellow Brits who haven’t realised yet, this Friday is Good Friday which means Monday is a bank holiday. 4 day weekend for us!
The UK and US continue to grab most of the global headlines - the UK due to the plight of its prime minister Boris Johnson (the TLDR there is that he’s still in intensive care, his condition is unchanged). The US is grabbing the headlines because of the sheer volume of cases / deaths in the country plus also for some of the quotes being given and actions being taken by President Trump.
Today’s round up is Guardian heavy. Sorry if you’re not a fan of them, I was pushed for time.

Virus news in depth

Coronavirus: UK will have Europe's worst death toll, says study - If you’re British like me this is rather frightening; the Guardian reports (Link) that “world-leading disease data analysts” (their phrase not mine) have projected that the UK will become the country worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, accounting for more than 40% of total deaths across the continent. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle predicts 66,000 UK deaths from Covid-19 by August, with a peak of nearly 3,000 a day, based on a steep climb in daily deaths early in the outbreak. The analysts also claim discussions over “herd immunity” led to a delay in the UK introducing physical distancing measures, which were brought in from 23 March in England when the coronavirus daily death toll was 54. Portugal, by comparison, had just one confirmed death when distancing measures were imposed. The IHME modelling forecasts that by 4 August the UK will see a total of 66,314 deaths. Spain is projected to have 19,209 deaths by the same date, Italy 20,300 and France 15,058. All three countries have imposed tougher lockdown measures than the UK. (Personal note for fellow Brits, 66k = a town the size of Paignton in Devon, Rochester in Kent, Loughborough in Leicestershire, Dewsbury in W Yorks or Washington in Tyne and Wear. I expect we will hear a lot more about this herd immunity and in particular Dominic Cummings once the pandemic ebbs away; Cummings will probably be thrown under the bus for it).

Fears of crisis in global car finance markets as owners seek payments help - Fears are growing of a crisis in the UK’s £75bn car loan market, where 6.5m vehicles have been financed through leasing deals with monthly payments that are already proving unaffordable for some laid-off as a result of the coronavirus says the Guardian (link). The Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), which represents the credit arms of the car manufacturers as well as the banks, said: “It’s early days in terms of quantifying the impact on arrears, but the number of forbearance requests has grown significantly in recent weeks.” Britain’s car market rests on billions in debt taken out by consumers, many of whom may now struggle to pay. Around nine out of 10 of the 2.3m new cars sold in a typical year in Britain are paid for using some sort of financing provided by an FLA member. The most common purchase method has been personal contract plans (PCP), where a buyer puts down a deposit and then rents the vehicle for two to three years at a monthly cost, typically around £250. Problems in the UK car loans market may pale into insignificance compared with the colossal scale of auto lending in the US, which totals $1.3tn (£1tn). Some of it has been securitised into bonds that bear echoes of “subprime” lending common before the financial crisis of 2007-08. Around $30bn of new subprime vehicle loans were issued in 2019, and there have been reports of some lenders verifying the income of just 8% of borrowers – whose loans are then bundled into bonds sold on Wall Street as an income stream for investors. However, the US Federal Reserve has already stepped in with a programme to support “asset-backed securities”, including bonds holding auto loans.

Trump threatens to hold WHO funding, then backtracks, amid search for scapegoat - The Guardian has written a critical article on Trump again, saying he hunted for a new scapegoat on Tuesday in an increasingly frantic attempt to shift blame for thousands of American deaths from the coronavirus, accusing the World Health Organization (WHO) of having “called it wrong” and being “China-centric”. Trump’s early inaction has come under renewed scrutiny in the past day after a New York Times report that Peter Navarro, Trump’s trade adviser, warned in a memo in late January that the virus could put millions of Americans at risk and cost trillions of dollars. Susan Rice, a former national security adviser, told the Washington Post that Trump’s missteps “cost tens of thousands of American lives”. The president has repeatedly denied responsibility and sought to blame China, the Obama administration and the media. On Tuesday, with the US death toll exceeding 12,000, he unleashed a tirade at the WHO, even though it raised the alarm in January, after which he made statements downplaying it and comparing it to the common flu. “They’ve been wrong about a lot of things,” Trump said at the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing. “And they had a lot of information early and they didn’t want to – they seemed to be very China centric” – implying that the WHO had toed the line of Beijing’s early efforts to minimise the scale of the outbreak.

Virus news in brief

Source: Guardian daily blog or CNN daily blog unless specified otherwise.

Supply chain news in depth

Coronavirus: The Road to Economic and Social Recovery; We will recover, but how will we know when? - Descartes Labs, a geospatial imagery analytics startup based in California has written an interesting piece on (link) on how we may be able to use big data to understand when the economy will begin to recover. Remote sensing refers to data collected from satellites, aircraft, and distributed sensors that can provide information about the earth and help us understand human activities at a macro scale. While it is possible to understand the economic consequences of coronavirus through news reports and surveys, remote sensing provides direct observations that can be aggregated on a large scale and automatically processed for real-time insights. Descartes Labs, has developed a set of tracking and monitoring tools that can be used by businesses to understand consumer and supply chain activities that are critically important to revenues which harness aggregated mobility tracking, location-specific activity tracking, regional NO2 tracking and supply-chain tracking.

Logistics Manager Editor’s Blog: Has COVID-19 shown we have an e-commerce problem? - The editor of Logistics manager magazine (which has a UK lean in the topics it covers) has written an article reviewing the ecommerce sector. “If there is an area of the economy that is thriving right now it the supermarket sector. Yet limited delivery slots meant that only 14.6% of households received an online delivery in the four weeks to 22 March, up from 13.8% in March 2019 but most-likely well below actual demand. The truth is that as much as the logistics sector likes to celebrate its considerable achievements in the migration to e-commerce, some businesses were too stuck in the tried and traditional ways of working to actually reach the peaks. COVID-19 will change well-understood behavioural economics. Consumers won’t be the same after a global pandemic the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes.” He argues that businesses must immediately fully adapt to ecommerce channel fulfilment or they will most likely fail to survive. We were quick to celebrate the achievements of the sector, particularly in replacing the 30% of calories consumed outside the home with sales in bricks and mortar supermarkets. We were quick to celebrate that existing e-commerce infrastructure did not entirely fall apart. Yet there wasn’t enough capacity to deliver food to homes that wanted it, and in some cases needed it. There were not enough drivers and not enough vehicles, even if the right volume of food was in the system.

Supply chain news in brief

Good news section

The Easter Bunny Is An Essential Worker, New Zealand's Ardern Says - New Zealand prime minister has clarified (link) to the nation’s children that the government considers the easter bunny and tooth fairies as essential workers and are thus able to continue doing their jobs. Ardern announced the exemption in response to rampant speculation by New Zealand's youngest citizens, who had wondered how the coronavirus crisis might affect the traditional arrival of colorful eggs, chocolates and other treats. The prime minister however warned that in some cases, the pair might not be able to provide the level of service young people have come to expect. "So I say to the children of New Zealand, if the Easter Bunny doesn't make it to your household, then we have to understand that it's a bit difficult at the moment for the bunny to perhaps get everywhere," Ardern said.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 101: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

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In honor of the All-Star Game rosters, a look back at defenseman Petr Buzek and the 2000 All-Star Game

NOTE: This is significantly shortened and altered from a much more lengthy write-up on my own website. The original full length version can be found here.
Every January without fail, there will be a retrospective of sorts on the NHL All-Star Game that recalls the great moments: Ace Bailey and Eddie Shore shaking hands, Wayne Gretzky’s four 3rd-period goals, Ray Bourque’s late game heroics, Owen Nolan’s called shot, and most recently John Scott’s MVP performance.
And on the flip side is a list or a mention of the worst All-Stars in NHL history, or at least the greatest controversies: Mike Milbury finishing his roster in 1991 with Chris Nilan, varying suspensions for players who sit out the game, and of course the times that your favorite player got screwed out of the MVP award.
And there’s usually a list of “the worst All-Stars ever”, which will ordinarily have the name of one Petr Buzek right near the top. But who is Petr Buzek, and what makes/made his selection in 2000 so controversial?
First, let’s back up.
Buzek was born in April 1977, thus making him draft eligible in 1995. He played a handful of games with Dukla Jihlava of the Czech League in 1993-94 as a 16-year-old, in addition to playing with the national team in the European Junior Championships. The next year – his draft year – he moved up full-time the next year and suited up in the EJC again, where he was a tournament all-star. He also played in the WJC, earning glowing reviews for his skating, poise, and decision-making. He also put up more points in that tournament than teammates Marek Zidlicky and Petr Sykora (the good one), and tied with Milan Hejduk.
His strong play as a 17-year-old in both a major tournament and during the season in the top league propelled him into the discussion as not just a 1st-round pick in the 1995 NHL Draft, but more likely a top-15 and probable top-10 selection. The NHL’s Central Scouting Bureau had him ranked as the #5 overall European prospect going into the (lockout-delayed) draft.

The Crash

For most prospects, the additional couple weeks before the draft gave an additional week or two to work out as part of their draft prep, or for injured players to continue to heal and recover. For Buzek though, there was much more on the line.
One player NHL teams won’t be interviewing is Czech defenseman Petr Buzek, who is in a hospital in his homeland with serious injuries from a recent car accident.
“He is supposed to be in the hospital until at least the draft,” said (Anaheim scout David) McNab. “Now everyone will do the same thing – all 26 teams will be saying what a great sixth-rounder he has become.”
Associated Press. “Defensemen big in NHL draft.” Times, The (Trenton, NJ) 14 Jun. 1995, Sports: B7.
Anaheim wasn’t the only team openly backing away.
Director of player personnel Chuck Grillo has narrowed the vast field of prospects the Sharks might draft. Scratch the name Petr Buzek, a defenseman from the Czech Republic, off the board.
“The young man had the misfortune of having what may be a career-ending car accident in the last couple weeks,” Grillo said.
Except for it not being Buzek, the Sharks’ first-round pick (12th overall) is anybody’s guess.
Chi, Victor. “SHARKS WON’T REVEAL DRAFT STRATEGY.” San Jose Mercury News (CA) 28 Jun. 1995, Sports: 1E
Another article, with quotes from Hartford GM Jim Rutherford, would verify that the Whalers had Buzek in the top five overall on their draft board before the accident.
However, even after having suffered serious career-threatening injuries with both an unknown recovery timetable and unknown impact, Buzek’s upside was still regarded as extremely high. Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune had Buzek 17th in his mock draft to Washington, three spots behind The Hockey News who had him 14th. Cammy Clark of the St. Petersburg Times had Buzek going 21st to Boston, describing him as a “strong, intelligent player who makes good decisions. Good two-way player who can carry puck up ice.” Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described him as a player with “great offensive potential, but could plunge through ratings after breaking ankle and injuring both knees in car accident last month.”
For Buzek, Draft Day 95 would prove to be both a longer and a shorter wait than expected.
With their third pick, the Stars chose Czechoslovakia’s Petr Buzek, a defenseman who had been regarded as a first-round pick before suffering major leg injuries and a hairline fracture in his forehead in an auto accident. He is unlikely to be able to skate before December.
Buzek broke his leg in three places and had his right kneecap sheared off in the wreck. He attended Saturday’s draft in a wheelchair but said, through an interpreter, he was thrilled to be chosen by Dallas.
Cowlishaw, Tim. “STARS MAKE HISTORY IN NHL DRAFT – No. 11 pick is earliest black skater ever taken.” The Dallas Morning News 9 Jul. 1995, SPORTS DAY: 1B
The “black skater” referenced in the headline was Kamloops forward Jarome Iginla, who would be traded to Calgary for Joe Nieuwendyk before ever suiting up in Dallas. And the 2nd-rounder that Dallas traded would be traded twice more before Chicago used it to pick Remi Royer from Saint Hyacinthe of the QMJHL.

The Long Road to Recovery

Buzek would have surgery the day after the draft to attempt to fix his leg, which resulted in being patched together with titanium plates and screws. He would continue to recover and rehabilitate, and made an appearance at a Stars game in Dallas during the 1995 preseason. He was able to ride a stationary bike in September of that month and said that he hoped to resume skating in October, less than four months after the car crash that nearly killed him.
But disaster struck soon, as the original patchwork holding his shattered kneecap together began to disintegrate. This required more surgery after Christmas 1995, with assistant GM Les Jackson saying that Buzek's timetable to begin skating again was pushed back to September 1996.
Buzek had no such conservative plans.
One of the more encouraging signs at the Dr Pepper StarCenter is the sight of defenseman Petr Buzek skating on his own and, occasionally, with the team.
“Right now he’s just doing his conditioning to get his wrist and his knee stronger,” said trainer Dave Surprenant. “He’s coming along.”
Cowlishaw, Tim. “Absence of late-season trades is sign of stability.” The Dallas Morning News 21 Mar. 1996, SPORTS DAY: 16B

Back Onto The Ice

As it would turn out, Buzek was not only skating by September 1996, but a full participant in training camp. Coach Ken Hitchcock, in his first training camp with the Stars, said that, “(Buzek) sure doesn’t look like a player who has missed a year of hockey".
As camp progressed, Buzek was the subject of a lengthy write-up detailing what he'd overcome to that point. And for the first time, the complete list of his injuries became known.
VAIL, Colo. – Petr Buzek has become comfortable enough with the May night in 1995 when he almost lost his life that he is able to joke about it.
“It was a blur; I don’t know,” the 19-year-old Stars defenseman prospect said. “I know I was sleepy and I just open my eyes and all I see was a tree, boom.”
Buzek, a native of the Czech Republic, ran his car into that tree at 80 mph, crushing the car and all but shattering his body. He has since had surgeries that have left him with seven screws and a plate in his right ankle, two screws in his right wrist and 20 screws and a plate in the femur in his left leg. In addition, his right kneecap was broken in several places, was set wrong during surgery and had to be broken and reset again.
“That was worst,” Buzek said, rolling his eyes. “They told me they had to break it again and I said, `What?’ ”
The reason Buzek can laugh now is that 14 months after the accident, he feels great. He is participating in the Stars’ training camp and “sure doesn’t look like someone who missed a year of hockey,” Stars coach Ken Hitchcock said.
At age 19, Buzek is a long enough shot to make the Stars’ roster. When you consider his injuries and the recovery time, there’s no way the defenseman should be able to fight his way into a veteran lineup.
But here he is.
“Logically, you’d say he has to spend a year at Kalamazoo Mich.,” Hitchcock said of the Stars’ minor-league affiliate. “But he’s making us look at him in a different way,”
For his part, Buzek said he wouldn’t hate a season in the International Hockey League, but that’s not his goal.
“I want to make team; that’s what I am here for,” he said. “I feel inside I am good enough.”
Buzek has never lacked confidence, and that might be one reason the Stars took a chance on him in the 1995 entry draft. The 6-foot, 205-pounder was ranked among the top 10 prospects in the draft before the car accident. But everybody passed on him until the Stars decided to risk the 63rd overall pick on a player who accepted his first Stars jersey while sitting in a wheelchair.
“Guys like that who make it to that level, they have a certain mind-set,” Hitchcock said. “And while Buzek’s body was beat up, his mind has always told him that he’s one of the best.”
Buzek came to the Stars last season using crutches and speaking no English. Now, his English is impressive and he’s not only driving to the net, he’s negotiating traffic on LBJ Freeway in Dallas.
“It might sound crazy, but I think it was harder for him to go driving again than it was to play hockey,” said Stars center Bob Bassen, who went through rehabilitation with Buzek last year and helped him get his driver’s license. “He’s always known he can play hockey.”
Bassen attributes Buzek’s quick recovery and his even quicker adaptation to the United States to an optimistic outlook.
“He’s just always smiling; he doesn’t let things get him down,” Bassen said.
Buzek laughs when he talks about his English skills, saying he learned a good deal from movies and television.
“Sometimes now when I understand better, I know how much I missed,” he said of the television shows he blindly trudged through. “It’s good teacher.”
Heika, Mike. “Defenseman’s recovery from accident amazes Stars.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram 11 Sep. 1996, SPORTS: 2
Buzek made his preseason debut on September 15 against St. Louis, earning an assist on a power play goal by Benoit Hogue. Three days later, he served as a post-game interpreter for goalie Roman Turek, who had just made his own North American debut. But as the rosters were trimmed in preparation for the regular season, both Buzek and Turek were sent to the IHL.
Finally in February 1997 came the call.
Buzek called up: In need of a spare defenseman, the Stars called up 19-year-old Petr Buzek from the Michigan K-Wings, Dallas’ top minor-league affiliate. Buzek’s call-up is his first to the NHL, and, though he didn’t play, he said he is excited to be traveling with the Stars.
“It is good; it is great for me,” said the native of the Czech Republic. “This is what I have always wanted. It is best players in the world.”
Buzek sustained a broken femur, broken wrist and shattered kneecap in a car accident two years ago and missed all of last season. “The knee still gets sore sometimes,” he said.
“The recovery is amazing in itself, but when you think that he’s performing on a steady level in the IHL International Hockey League at the age of 19, that’s pretty impressive, too,” Hitchcock said. “He’s really done a great job of working hard.”
Heika, Mike. “STARS NOTES.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram 28 Feb. 1997, SPORTS: 5
Although Buzek didn't play in that brief callup, and he again didn’t make the Stars out of training camp in 1997, he continued to develop his offensive game in the IHL while waiting for a chance.
Finally, on March 12, 1998, less than three years after the accident that threatened to leave him as just another “what-if” prospect, Buzek made his debut against the Phoenix Coyotes, where he had no goals and no assists but was a +1 in a 5-4 loss.
Buzek was among several players sent down the day after that game and then recalled again. He played again with the Stars against San Jose on March 18, where he took his first NHL penalty (interference at 5:56 of the 2nd period). He was again sent down afterward, then among several players recalled to practice with the team once Michigan’s IHL season ended.
The biggest change for the Stars was the staggering improvement on the ice in just two seasons, going from 66 points in 1995-96 to 109 and the Presidents Trophy in 1997-98. And they’d proven their mettle in the playoffs, setting aside the previous year’s crushing first-round defeat by making it to the conference finals and going six games against defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit.
With the team emerging as a contender, competition was high entering the 1998-99 season. He didn't make the Stars out of camp, and it would turn out that Brad Lukowich outplayed Buzek in the IHL that year, earning call-ups and ice time with the Stars. Buzek played well after some early-season inconsistency, and would get the call in April.
Like the previous year, Buzek was sent down after playing two games, then recalled after the IHL season ended. Although he played in no playoff games that year with the Stars, he practiced with the team during their run to the 1999 Stanley Cup.
But decisions were looming, with the Atlanta Thrashers entering the NHL in time for the 1999-00 season and thus needing stocked with an expansion draft.

A New Chance

With the Atlanta Thrashers entering the league in 1999, and with former Stars assistant GM Les Jackson now filling the same role in Atlanta, Buzek got a different type of call to the NHL in June when he was selected in the expansion draft.
As training camp began, a new audience became familiar with Buzek’s story.
These can’t be the X-rays of a hockey player. So much metal, it has to be from some kind of mechanism. A small plane’s landing gear maybe. Or the insides of a riding mower. Surely not a professional athlete.
One by one, Thrashers team doctor Scott Gillogly holds the films up to the light and reveals a human hardware store. A long plate extending down the left thigh, with 10 screws fastened deep into bone. A couple more screws at odd angles holding together the right knee. Two others connecting the wrist bone to the arm bone. We do not even get to the fused big toe or the erector-set ankle.
They show Petr Buzek’s insides. Amazing snapshots, really, when you consider that he very well might have to lug all that metal through airport detectors from Calgary to Miami as a Thrashers defenseman. He has a fighting chance at making it back all the way to the NHL.
”I’m a bionic man,” Buzek — pronounced BOO-zehk — says with a small smile.
Such are the tokens of a careless moment on a winding road back in his native Czech Republic. A month before Buzek was to be taken high in the 1995 draft, he was driving too fast in the countryside near his hometown of Jihlava. ”I was 18 years old,” he said, ”I thought I owned the whole road.
”I think I fell asleep, didn’t make the turn, and I hit the tree. I go pretty fast — 75-80 mph. We don’t care about the speed limit much. They said I had been sitting in the car like two hours, they had to cut me out. I don’t remember much. I woke up three days later in a hospital. I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t move. My left leg was sticking up. I was swollen up, stitches everywhere.”
Hummer, Steve. “Buzek full of metal — and courage.” The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution 10 Sep. 1999, Sports: D4.

Making History

Buzek made it through training camp and the preseason, and was on the team’s opening night roster. In fact, he was on the ice for the first shift in Thrashers team history, paired with Darryl Shannon and behind a line of Johan Garpenlov, Ray Ferraro, and Nelson Emerson. In the team's second game, Buzek scored a power play goal that was also the first goal by a defenseman in Thrashers history. It was also Buzek's first career NHL goal. He would add a power play goal in the team’s fifth game, then another one two games later. In the meantime, he was racking up assists as well. Eight games into the season, Buzek had three goals and four assists, good for second on the team in points while tying for the lead in goals.

Another Setback

One of the realities of expansion teams is that they’re bound to have wild ups and downs during the season. The team was 3-8-2 and playing in Montreal when Buzek went down with a concussion, which knocked him out of the lineup for a few days.
Petr Buzek has made significant progress since suffering a concussion Saturday against Montreal:
He now realizes he is 22 years old, not 21 as he answered that night.
He now realizes he played the night before in New Jersey and didn’t have the day off.
And he now realizes he was in Montreal.
But the fact that those nuggets had been knocked out of his cranium momentarily means the rookie defenseman will be out for a while.
Buzek is scheduled to be re-examined today. But doctors have told him he needs to sit out at least a week from the time he suffered the grade two concussion. He probably will miss not only tonight’s game against Tampa Bay at Philips Arena but home-and-home meetings with Buffalo on Friday and Saturday.
Schultz, Jeff. “THRASHERS NOTEBOOK: Buzek’s head clearing slowly.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 17 Nov. 1999, Sports: D5
Buzek would, in fact, miss another two weeks, but would add two assists in his return to the lineup. This gave him 4 goals and 11 points in just 14 games on a brutally bad first-year expansion team. He would then miss another game with a partial shoulder dislocation before returning right back onto the first pairing.

The All-Star Game

As the world prepared for the calendars to change from 1999 to 2000, so too was the world of hockey preparing for the 50th NHL All-Star Game, to be played February 6, 2000 in Toronto.
And in mid-January, the roster announcements were made.
Last week, Petr Buzek was benched for two games. Wednesday, the rookie defenseman for the Atlanta Thrashers was named to the World team for the NHL All-Star Game.
“It’s unbelievable,” said the 22-year-old from the Czech Republic. “I’m still shaking. . . . It’s like a dream.”
When he takes the ice in Toronto on Feb. 6 as the Thrashers’ first All-Star, Buzek may well be the least-known player in the 50th anniversary game.
“It’s like (Jaromir) Jagr, (Paul) Kariya . . . those guys,” Buzek marveled. “And Petr Buzek. ‘Who’s Petr Buzek?’ ”
Buzek, who has four goals and nine assists, was one of the Thrashers’ top players through much of the first part of the season. But his play slipped, causing coach Curt Fraser to bench him for back-to-back games last week.
The NHL does not require that each team have a representative in the game. However, an attempt is made to do so.
“It’s the NHL’s intention to bring some young players into the game,” Thrashers general manager Don Waddell said. “Buzek hasn’t been real good the last two weeks. But for the first 30 or 35 games, he was pretty darn good. With (an established team) he’d be even a better player.”
Curtright, Guy. “Buzek named to World All-Star team.” The Atlanta Journal -Constitution 13 Jan. 2000, Sports: E6
There are two crucial sentences above, one being the very first one and the other one bolded toward the end.
Here’s why I don’t put much stock into that first part, the one about being a healthy scratch the week before: because that’s what first-year expansion teams do. Most first-year teams follow a familiar pattern: assemble a weak roster, hire a fiery coach who’s convinced that he can win with a team barely above minor league caliber, and then preach patience and development but start making trades by mid-November. One common thread is that the better players will usually be a healthy scratch at least once, not necessarily because their play dictates it but because the coach, convinced that he can win with a sadsack group, becomes obsessed with the idea of sending a message to underperforming players. A common theme with a lot of these coaches is that poor play by a player isn’t regarded as the inevitable circumstance of putting a subpar player out there because he’s the best option out of a thin system, but a matter of heart and desire that’s lacking on the part of the player.
So the options are simple: if you have three underperforming defensemen on the roster at a time, do you scratch all of them and play with four defensemen in a game? Or do you scratch a guy on the top pairing, hoping like hell that the lesser players will look in the mirror and go, “Whoa, if he’s willing to scratch that guy who hasn’t been bad at all, what’s that mean for me? I need to start pulling my weight or I’ll be in the press box for good.” Former Maple Leafs goalie Johnny Bower said that when he played, one of coach Punch Imlach’s favorite tactics was to tear into him after the first period even if the Leafs were being outshot 16-3 and Bower was standing on his head to keep the game scoreless; the idea was that the rest of the team would pick up their own effort.
Was Buzek’s play really that bad when he was a healthy scratch, or was it simply his turn to be the designated “message sender” on behalf of Curt Fraser? Whatever is said in public or directly to the player, quite frankly, doesn’t matter. A coach possessing his senses isn’t going to tell the player that he’s being scratched to send a message, meaning that there’s a small handful of people – all coaches – who know the motivation.
Notice that bolded sentence right near the end: “The NHL does not require that each team have a representative in the game”. It’s been said for years that Buzek was only selected because Atlanta had to have a player in the game, which undoubtedly would come as quite a shock and disappointment to both the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets; both entered the league just a year later and did not have a player in the All-Star Game that season. Minnesota didn’t have one in 2001-02 either, and Columbus had one (Espen Knutsen) only go in as an injury replacement.
Anyway, the culmination of Buzek’s improbable comeback from near death in just five years was noted on the national stage as well.
Many thought it was possible that a rookie was going to be the expansion Atlanta Thrashers’ most indispensable player this season.
But the hockey world would have guessed it would be center Patrik Stefan, not defenseman Petr Buzek.
As much as the Thrashers know that Stefan, 19, is the key to their future, Buzek, 22, arguably has become their most crucial player. His surprisingly strong performance was honored Wednesday when he was named to play for the World team at the All-Star Game on Feb. 6 in Toronto.
”To get 23 or 24 minutes per night on an expansion team and be at minus 4 or minus 5 on a team that most guys are in double digits, you know he has been a bright spot for us,” Thrashers general manager Don Waddell said.
With four goals and nine assists, Buzek is among the top rookie defensemen in scoring. Buzek was plucked from the Dallas Stars in the expansion draft.
”We picked up some other good players, but at this point of the season he is no doubt the gem” of the expansion draft class, Waddell said.
Allen, Kevin. “Rookie Buzek surprise star for Thrashers.” USA TODAY 13 Jan. 2000, SPORTS: 14C
Between the roster announcement and the actual All-Star Game, Buzek suffered a groin strain that cost him another four games out of the lineup. But he came back, as he always had. Going into the break, Kevin Allen of the USA Today named him as one of three people to watch closely in hockey, referring to him as “often the Thrashers’ best player”.
Once in Toronto, Buzek was one of the media darlings as his story, previously relegated to a mere mention back in 1995 and largely forgotten in the rush to blast his All-Star selection, was now in front of the world.
TORONTO – The feel-good story of NHL All-Star weekend is Atlanta Thrashers defenseman Petr Buzek.
In 1995, projected as a top 10 pick in the NHL Entry Draft, Buzek was horribly injured in a car crash in his native Czech Republic. Driving alone, he lost control and went off a narrow road. His injuries included a shattered left knee, broken left hip, broken right ankle, broken right wrist and broken cheekbones.
He was barely alive, and doctors at first believed his left leg would have to be amputated.
“After the accident, I was basically fighting for my life,” said Buzek. “I couldn’t move. But I kept going, got a little better every week and now I’m here.”
Buzek managed to attend the 1995 draft sitting in a wheelchair. He was picked in the third round by Dallas, made it up for four NHL games last season and was picked by Atlanta in the expansion draft. He has 5-9-14 totals in 39 games, despite still feeling the effects of his injuries.
“When the weather changes, my knee swells up, I feel it big-time,” said Buzek. “I still have 21 screws in my leg. I don’t think they’ll ever come out. If they did, I’d probably fall apart.”
Buzek’s story amazes the other All-Star participants.
“When his accident first happens, I hear he’s not going to be able to play hockey again and he’ll be lucky to be able to lead a normal life,” said fellow Czech Martin Rucinsky of Montreal. “All of a sudden he’s playing in the All-Star Game. It’s unbelievable what he accomplished to be here.”
Harris, Stephen. “Hockey – NOTEBOOK – Buzek overcomes bad breaks.” Boston Herald (MA) 6 Feb. 2000, Sports: b19
Buzek’s talent, however, had little to do with the constant flow of reporters to his area. The subject was the car crash in the Czech Republic on June 3, 1995, a month before the NHL draft, that nearly took his life; that nearly resulted in him having his right leg amputated, and that nearly ended his dream of playing in the NHL.
“Nearly” went 0-for-3.
He retold the tale so many times Saturday that it was suggested he have his X-rays hanging by his jersey.
“No, I don’t think that would be a good idea,” he said. “It wouldn’t be pretty.”
This is what they would show: 21 screws and two metal plates holding Buzek together. The box score: 10 screws and a plate in his left leg, seven screws and a plate in his right ankle, two screws in his right knee cap, two screws in his right wrist. That doesn’t take into account the facial fractures, the concussion, the broken left leg, the fused big toe, the busted nose, the cuts and the bruises that also came with smashing into “the big tree.” That’s how the accident story always ends. “I hit the big tree.”
It was late at night after a party. Buzek was driving home in Jihlava, a small town about 45 miles outside of Prague. A friend was with him. Buzek was speeding at about 80 mph on a windy road. Then came the CD change or the unscheduled nap. Can’t be sure. Concussion, you know.
The friend suffered a broken nose. Buzek was a mess. The car was a mess. He was unconscious in there for more than two hours while a crew worked to cut him out. Buzek woke up in the hospital — three days later. Seemingly every part of his body was in a cast, stitched, bruised or all of the above.
Schultz, Jeff. “Drive, determination fuel Buzek’s success.” The Atlanta Journal -Constitution 6 Feb. 2000, Sports: G9.
And from Mike Heika back in Dallas:
The former Stars prospect has come a long way in the past five years, fighting back from a 1995 car accident that left both his legs and one wrist broken. Buzek, 22, still carries with him screws in his ankle and wrist and a plate in one shin. He still feels pain when the humidity changes, when the weather turns cold, when he sleeps on his ankle wrong. Basically, all the time.
“He’s endured a lot,” said Stars coach Ken Hitchcock, who coached Buzek as an 18-year-old with the Michigan K-Wings. “I remember one time during a game he had metal sticking out of his skin. The guy played through quite a bit.”
Heika, Mike. “Breaks finally going right way for former Stars pick.” The Dallas Morning News 6 Feb. 2000, SPORTS DAY: 10B.
The problem is that the story wasn’t just getting started. Although no one could have predicted it at the time, Buzek’s NHL story was closer to ending than beginning.
After Atlanta’s first season ended, with the Thrashers sitting 43 games under .500, Buzek got the call from the Czech Republic inviting him to play in the IIHF World Championships. He accepted and played a big role in the Czechs’ surprising run to the gold medal, their third in five years.

Disaster Strikes Again

Early the next season, on October 11, 2000 in a game against Washington, Buzek was hit from behind into the boards by Steve Konowalchuk. He played again on October 15, but what was initially reported as a neck strain or sprain morphed into “concussion-like symptoms”.
For Buzek, days dragged into weeks, and weeks into months. Finally in April:
Buzek will play in tonight’s home finale against the Ottawa Senators at Philips Arena. When he steps on the ice, it will be his fourth game of the season, his first since Oct. 15.
“It’s great news for me,” said the Czech defenseman, who made the All-Star team in his rookie season but has spent most of this year trying to avoid dizziness after exercise. “I’ve been working hard, and it’s starting to pay off for me. I feel like I can be a hockey player again.”
When he was hit from behind by Washington’s Steve Konowalchuk in the second game of the season, it was believed Buzek suffered only a sprained neck. Before the next game against Tampa Bay four days later, Fraser asked Buzek how he felt, and he responded, “I’m 100 percent.”
Turns out that wasn’t the complete truth. Buzek played awfully, and only then did he admit he was suffering from headaches, dizziness and nausea, symptoms typically associated with post-concussion syndrome. Buzek never was diagnosed with a concussion. But the fact he had two previously — last season against Montreal and in 1995 as the result of an car accident — may have played a role in his protracted recovery this season. Often this season, Buzek would ride an exercise bike or skate briefly but be forced to stop because of recurring symptoms when his heart rate increased. But he began improving significantly after visiting a Montreal concussion specialist, Dr. Karen Johnston, who laid out a program that slowly increased Buzek’s workouts.
Schultz, Jeff. “Buzek cleared for home finale.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 3 Apr. 2001, Home; The Atlanta Constitution, Sports: D8
He would play the final two games of the 2000-01 season. Just one year after his All-Star appearance, the young defenseman played just five games. One was cut short by the injury, one was while playing with a concussion, and the last two were after a six-month layoff. In the one game that he was healthy, he played 21 minutes and put eight shots on goal.
He was fully healthy for the beginning of the 2001-02 season, but suffered a groin strain early on and missed several games. A bizarre situation then developed between him and Atlanta’s front office, leading to him being traded to Calgary. Buzek played the remainder of 2001-02 with the Flames, then part of the 2002-03 season before suffering another concussion (his third in three years, not including the one that accompanied a skull fracture in the car accident) that cost him the last three months of the season.
As it turned out, that was the last game of his career: January 29, 2003. And it was in the city against the team that gave him his first (positive) break: the Dallas Stars. In that game, he had 0 goals, 0 assists, and just 2:39 of ice time before suffering the injury that ended his NHL career at age 25. Calgary left him exposed in the 2003 waiver draft, where he went unclaimed. He returned back home and played five games in the Czech League, then 53 games spread over the next two seasons before hanging up the skates for good. He was 28 years old, but played a lot more hockey than any doctor could have ever expected him to considering what happened right before his pro career was about to start.

End of the Line

In the years since, Buzek’s name has become something of a punchline every January, as people sit and reminisce about a time when the All-Star game was real. To me, this misses the point entirely for a couple of reasons.
First, and not to start getting into too much of a discussion, we as a collective can’t even agree on exactly what the All-Star Game is supposed to be, let alone who it’s supposed to be about. Is it supposed to be for the guys who are the league’s biggest stars? What about the guys who are off to a torrid first half of the season and are playing like All-Stars? A youngster on the way to becoming a big star? An aging veteran given one last hurrah in the spotlight in front of a world audience before he heads off into retirement?
What I think we can agree on is that it’s generally not regarded as a serious contest, but rather as a spotlight and an exhibition. There’s no checking, no board battles, no blocked shots, and none of the things that can be found in the majority of even the most listlessly-played NHL games. To look at the All-Star Game as a beacon of purity and righteousness is so far removed from the point that it’s foolish.
Second, what are the exact attributes that we all seek and praise in a hockey player? Heart, determination, grit…all of that. The PHWA gives out a trophy every year (the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy) “to the the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey”. We see players of all types either elevated for these qualities or torn down for lacking them.
Who exemplifies these qualities more than a player like Petr Buzek? Nearly killed in a car accident that left him looking first at being lucky to survive, then lucky to not have his leg amputated, then lucky to be able to be patched together with rods, plates, and screws…and he finally broke through in the first year of an expansion franchise.
If Atlanta wasn’t absolutely putrid in its first few seasons, then what? If Buzek didn’t suffer a severe concussion early in the very next season when hit from behind into the boards, does he become a top-level player and all of this a very foolish discussion? If he doesn’t end his career concussed in Calgary just a couple years later, is he still remembered the way that he largely is today?
I don’t think for a moment that it shows any type of knowledge or nuance to bring up his name as nothing more than “shouldn’t have been an All-Star”. Frankly, I think it shows the opposite. I think it ignores the staggering odds that he overcame in the first place that it took to get back into hockey at all, let alone into the NHL, let alone into an effective role as one of the few bright lights on a putrid first-year team. It ignores the fact that this man had absolutely no business even contemplating playing hockey again, and was back on the ice full-time just a year after the crash. I think it ignores the fact that he’s been held to a much different standard than other players; we bemoan the fact that players like Pat Lafontaine and Eric Lindros suffered concussions that ended their careers, and that guys like Dennis Vaske suffered ones that effectively ended their careers, while no such concession is made for someone for whom a career-ending concussion would be only about the fifth-most significant injury that he’d suffered.
Ultimately, Buzek’s NHL career proved to be too short a season and he suffered the fate that seemed to be inevitable: his body betrayed him, too battered to continue playing. His All-Star Game selection should be remembered for a time when this looked like nothing more than a remote possibility of some far-off future, for the time when a player who was drafted while sitting in a wheelchair made it all the way back to the highest level of his sport less than five years later. That the amazing journey didn’t continue much beyond that isn’t the point.
His original list of injuries included, but is not limited to:
Find me an NHL player today that’s suffered even a quarter of that number of injuries, particularly to the extent that he did. No, Buzek shouldn’t have been an All-Star, because he shouldn’t have even been in the NHL at all, or in the World Championships playing a big part of a gold-winning team, or in the IHL, or even on a frozen pond somewhere in the Czech Republic. That’s exactly the report that he was given when he woke up in the hospital a few days after the car crash that nearly killed him and was told he would be lucky to keep both of his legs attached to his body.
He refused to accept that.
If anything, Buzek as an All-Star stands as a monument to the very embodiment of exactly what we desire from our heroes: tenacity, perseverance, dedication, and a refusal to quit. Not many of them endure what Ken Hitchcock said: “I remember one time during a game he had metal sticking out of his skin.” Or, maybe more succinctly and as Buzek himself put it: “From wheelchair to All-Star, pretty good story, eh?”
That’s how he, and his career, should be remembered.
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